Complete Overview of Datally app & Technical analysis of Datally app

Most of the mobile internet users depend on the mobile data for their internet usage yet there has been no effective app to monitor and to control the flow of data across apps. Google under its Next Billion Users has released Datally app.
If you are one of the heavy-phone users like me, who use a lot of apps (I have currently 127 apps on my moto G3 and yeah it works smoothly if you want to know how, message on the Facebook page.)

Most of the people especially social media users suffer a lot to manage data. Though many users use 1 Gb/per day data plan in one or the other from it is still insufficient at the end of the day. Datally APK  is released to RESOLVE this problem. It works on phones which runs on Android 5.0 or higher. 

Since this app is directly from the hands of Google the app has a sleek and intelligent design. The colour scheme used here is outstanding and it helps in maintaining the intuitive interface of the Google Datally app.

The prominent use of the app is the data saver, as per the vice president of Next Billion Users in Google this app is like “speedometer for your data”. Users can effectively restrict the background data flow by setting up the required data limit. 

Another crucial us of the app is its ability to use the Google Maps to show directions to the Wi-Fi’s location. There are lots of people who are regular users of public Wi-Fi networks (I use a lot, sssshhhh keep it a secret). This can be useful for people who travel to different places. 

Users can turn on the data savings with just the single tap once they are inside the app. Also, users can also select the list of apps which they want to restrict the data usage. The metrics provided from the app is very helpful as it gives a bar graph like information of the data-packets along with usage history, time and as per individual app usage.

The permissions used by the app includes Phone, SMS, Location and VPN, and I know the access of VPN bit weird, and I check a lot of trustworthy sources regarding this and Google doesn't seem to seent any unwanted data to its servers. It is mainly for helping the users to block unwanted data flow. 

This smart data saving app helps us not only to curb the data usage but also helps us in monitoring any app’s data transmission closely. I’ll explain it clearly, most of the apps which are sideloaded- the apps which we get through SHAREit transmission and by downloading from third party sources, in a nutshell, the apps which we install without Google Play Store.

Some of these apps could be rogue ones, they are capable of sending our personal information such as contacts and even pics, videos and sometimes even your passwords. Yes, the apps which we sideload are capable of very much like this. So by using Datally, we can find if the app sends any sensitive information by matching the usage of the app with time. If you notice any app which seems to use the internet when you are not using it, you have to STOP using it right now.


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